To develop a good habit, start by reaching it 21 times.


Record the challenges and insights in the process of forming habits. In the process of developing habits, we move away from our comfort zone, overcome the difficulties we encounter, and bring about a change of heart - we grow. Therefore, it is essential to record each journey.

To develop a good habit or not is a question

Reach 21 will talk to the user in a way that doesn't seem to support habit formation before creating a habit. Throwing out issues such as moving away from their comfort zone and the many difficulties and challenges they are about to face upfront provokes users to think about whether they are ready for the challenge, thus avoiding impulsiveness. Because indecision often fails, users will lose more confidence in themselves.

Rewards for forming habits

Set rewards for yourself and get more motivated

Got a temporary emergency? Try the Leave of Absence feature

Each habit offers three opportunities to take time off for unexpected events. No more worrying about failed habits or being forced to sign in to make a habit look successful.

AVOID IMPULSE If you're not ready for the challenge, please don't start

NEW WIDGETS Track multiple habits simultaneously

JOURNEYS The process of developing each good habit is a history of growth

CALENDAR Slide calendar to view sign-in history

REWARD Set rewards for yourself and get more motivated

FOLLOW TODAY Based on the present, looking to the future

In addition to that, the friendly interface and excellent interaction design are particularly appealing.

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